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Something you wish you could enjoy but just can't?

— Honestly? Most anime that was made after 2000, Sherlock, Agents of Shield, Hannibal, The Steven Moffat of new Doctor Who… I just can’t enjoy these things. I’ve tried but I can’t! —

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Whatever happened to the Chief you used to play with?

— Honestly? Life happened. He’s still around but real life kind of got in the way and he’s adjusting after losing a loved one. He should be back soon, I’m hoping. Just like how I’m slowly coming back (as the Chief I play with and I are together in real life), he should be coming back soon too. —

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The Joker vs. Lex Luthor - who wins?

— I could go into some bullshit about asking what versions of Lex Luthor and The Joker they are but I’m not going to do that. In all honesty, I have to say Lex Luthor because Luthor is basically Superman’s version of Batman (meaning a normal human who’s super power is being insanely rich) and The Joker usually loses to Batman a lot. Besides, Luthor is used to dealing with some of the heavier hitters in the DC canon and he is Superman’s arch-nemesis. So, if I absolutely had to put money down on that fight, I’d put my money on Luthor.—

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What will you do if they bring back Cortana in Halo 5?

— God DAMN IT. Okay, this is probably the BEST and WORST question I’ve gotten all day. Best because it makes me think, worst because… GOD DAMN IT!
The long of the short of it is this, if they bring Cortana back in Halo 5 there are only two ways that I will be okay with it.
1. John finds a Forerunner machine that can start up her AI chip again, only to have the damage done to it corrupt Cortana and make her go mad forcing John to kill her. YES! If they bring her back, I want to fight her! Sorry guys, I know that sucks to hear but it’s true!
2. We get re-issued a new Cortana AI. Yes, she’s Cortana but she’s not John’s Cortana.
I’ll allow for a little wiggle room with these, meaning say we have option one but we have to hold off Cortana long enough to allow the Forerunner machine to fix her, that might be fine, maybe.
Even still, with these two options, I won’t be 100% happy. Cortana went Rampant and ripped herself apart. Remember, the reason Cortana dies is because she rips herself apart, layer by layer and when Composer gets blown up, most of her is up there with it. So, bringing her back needs to have a damn good explanation.
And no! John finding Forerunner tech that fixes her and makes her Rampancy go away is NOT acceptable in my mind. To me, that’s the same as saying “A wizard did it!” —


— This is why you’re my brother. One brain cell between us, I swear but it’s true. —

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Welcome to Night Vale, fan or no?

— This questions going around the channels. I like it, yeah. Yes, I’m a Cecil/Carlos shipper… can you be a shipper if it’s canon? Anyways, I like them because they’re awkward and cute and I do enjoy listening to the episodes, I think that characters are great and I’d want to get some of the merch. That being said, while I love some of the fan art… the community as a whole just sort of … pisses me off. So, I’m a fan but not enough that I want to talk to other die hard fans about the show…—


— FUCK! You’re right! I usually tune out so fast I forget that part! .. Hmm… might have to revise it so that Transformers is over City of Angels. Fuck it! It’s done! —

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What's your secret super power, IRL?

— To quote the Movie Erin Brockovich, “They’re call boobs, Ed.” No, but in all seriousness… I don’t think I have a secret super power in real life… maybe… my ability to be really super good at math but that’s not a super power because I was trained in that… The ability to turn shitty alcohol into delicious cocktails? That might be it. —

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— Those movies make me SAD to be a human being… but honestly, City of Angels has bad Nicolas Cage. I like him but Nicolas Cage and rom-coms do not work. —

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Mun, where's the one place in the world you've always wanted to go to?

— One place? That’s hard because I’ve traveled a bit but never to any of the places I’ve ever wanted to go to. Okay, if it’s a singular country… Germany, as I’ve already been to Ireland, Italy and Scotland (which are my homelands) but if I’m going to visit one city and not the country as a whole, Osaka, Japan. I’m absolutely fascinated by the history of the city and it’s culture.But I wouldn’t want to do those with tourists. I wouldn’t want to experience them like a tourist would. Those are the two places I would want to go “native” with, so to speak. —

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Introvert or extrovert? Are you different online than you are IRL?

— I guess I’m kind of a weird mix. I would say mostly extrovert with a few introvert tenancies. Once I get to know a person, I’m very much active and open with them… the problem is getting through the candy shell to the nougat center. I’m not great at communication. Oh, I can talk up a storm! but keeping up with people on the day to day, yeah, I’m bad at that for the most part and I’m not different in real life than I am online. Actually, online I tend to be a little worse than in real life because in real life, you’re in my face. —

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Favorite movie and most hated movie.

— Favorite movie? Honestly, it’s probably a tie between, and this is going to sound horrible but either of the Boondock Saints movies or Cabin in the Woods. Love them both, I can watch them over and over again,

Most hated movie… is actually a genre, I know that’s bad but if someone tries to make me sit down and watch a rom-com, I instantly turned into a coyote with it’s leg caught in a bear trap. I WILL try to gnaw my own foot off to get away! BUT if I had to pick a single movie.. City of Angels. My friends and I REALLY should be putting that word in quotes have made me watch it several times and every time hurts like the first… though, the Transformers movies come in a very close second. —

It is Munday, so feel free to ask anything about the Mun.

Anon or not.

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Take The Shot

Adrian’s fingers twitched against the length of the sniper rifle, every nerve in his body screamed at him to move but he was unable to. Every inch of the sniper had gone cold and rigid, his body unable to be commanded by the brain that was pleading desperately with Adrian’s rational side to let his index finger squeeze and send the bullet flying.
Kill the target. It’s just a monster that needs to be killed. Every person that thing murders after this point will be blood on your hands! Don’t let it get away!
Adrian gritted his teeth as his finger began to squeeze the trigger, the effort of the pull pressing harder and harder on Adrian with each micromovement the trigger made towards it’s release. He knew he had to take the shot, he had to kill this thing or countless hundreds could die by it’s hands.
An eternity passed in the blink of an eye and at the end of the tunnel, Adrian let go of the trigger, the bullet still locked in it’s prison.
“… I can’t…” Adrian whispered as he stared down the sight of the rifle, bright blue eyes that easily could have been his looked up through the scope, passed the distance between them and into Adrian’s soul.
He knew it couldn’t be true, there was almost a mile between them and there was no way he knew Adrian was there but in that moment, Adrian felt as if they were not even a foot apart. Adrian sighed as he pulled his trigger hand away from the rifle altogether, watching through the scope as Briggs, Vergeltung’s Second in Command, moved up to Aldermann’s side, his own pistol brought to bear as several more of Vergeltung’s best came to protect their leader and get him off planet before the UNSC could stop him from leaving.
Adrian shook his head and shifted his body, turning his rifle towards an Elite that was trying to rip it’s way into a car full of civilians.
More important targets. Adrian lied to himself as the Elite’s body jerked from the force of the bullet entering it’s body.
Plenty of time for that shot later. For just a moment, Adrians finger paused against the trigger before he fired again, the lie helping to sooth his mind from the truth.
There would never be a next shot.

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